Training, Maintenance and Support


Operator training is provided to customers for all of the equipment we supply. We have a dedicated training centre in Sydney, or onsite training is provided by product specialists and a team of clinical educators with extensive experience.

Affiliated company Healthcorp is a Registered Training Organisation (Reg No 91222) and understands the importance of training for healthcare organisations. Healthcorp has developed a portfolio of courses that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your facility. Our courses take into account legislative requirements, Australian Standards and National Competency Standards that may be critical to the industry or State you operate in. Courses are delivered by highly skilled health-care trainers who combine teaching and medical qualifications with a wealth of practical experience.


With a highly mobile workforce of tradespeople and technical specialists, OPEC Systems is able to provide comprehensive maintenance services for a diverse array of mechanical equipment, including its shelters and related equipment. OPEC Systems operates well equipped maintenance workshops out of all it warehouse facilities (see map below for locations throughout Australia) and in addition the company has access to a fleet of over 20 service vehicles to ensure that scheduled and reactive activities can be delivered reliably to our clients wherever they might be needed. OPEC Systems staff are highly regarded for their level of service quality, whilst demonstrating a strong commitment to WH&S.

Technical Support

Technicians are trained by original manufacturers to provide expertise in all technical and mechanical aspects of the equipment with 24 hour on call availability and the provision of dedicated technical support throughout Australia. A local inventory of products is maintained with a dedicated parts service in each State and Territory, minimising response times.