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Our thoughts are with all people currently being directly impacted by the health and economic effects of COVID-19. While we are not immune to the impacts of this virus, we wish to reassure our clients and partners that OPEC Systems remains open for business. For more information on our response to COVID-19 please click here.


We are a privately owned Australian contracting company that was established in 1992.

We have strong values and a reputation for flexibility, ingenuity, honesty and teamwork. Consistently operating in some of Australia's most hazardous environments, OPEC has an unwavering commitment to safety and professionalism.

'I would recommend OPEC for these types of works as they seem large enough to be capable of any challenge we may face, but also small enough to have a personal touch. We are currently considering them for further work.'

Chris Muir, Manager – Passive Properties, Cameron Brae Group

  If you’re looking for an Australian company that provides:
  • safe, workable solutions tailored to your complex requirements
  • a strong service ethic that prioritises safety, its people, and its relationships
  • high-quality products and services
  • competitive prices
  • an ability to deliver solutions consistent with the world’s best practice

… you have come to the right place.

We are a privately owned Australian company that was established in 1992. With over 20 years of industry experience, we are now one of the most reliable, reputable and all-encompassing contractors and service and equipment providers in the field. Check out about our contracting services pages to find out more.

OPEC Business Areas

   Defence     OPEC Defence products and services include: remediating sites contaminated with UXO, CWAs and TRWs;  supplying CBRN and TIC/TIM protection, detection, identification, mobile hospital solutions and monitoring systems.  
  Subsea     OPEC Subsea products and services include: providing commercial diving solutions from demolition, to civil construction and salvage;  underwater UXO, CWA and TRW tasks; vessels and equipment hire.  
  Energy     OPEC Energy products and services include: providing Bulk Fuel Infrastructure Management; decommissioned site management; hazardous materials remediation.  
  Enviro     OPEC Enviro products and services include: enviromental remediation from mould remediation to Defence fuel storage systems and refinery sludge ponds.  
  Marine     OPEC Marine products and services include: supplying oil spill equipment and response vessels; accredited oil spill response training; storage and maintenance services; and security services.  
  Health     OPEC Health products and services include: delivering complete, durable, self-contained, climate-controlled, and clean mobile medical hospitals for disaster response, remote health, oil and gas exploration support.  


Our services prevent or minimise real-world catastrophes. We respond anytime, anywhere - quickly and effectively. However, we also commit ourselves to the utmost safety of our staff and clients. Our slogan is "If you can't do it safely, don't do it until you can!"




"Providing the best equipment is only the first step in OPEC's ongoing partnership with our clients." Connor Walsh, CEO

"Our focus is on the provision of safe, best practice contracting and consulting solutions in the complex and dynamic environments we work in." Peter Murphy, MD

"OPEC is unique in that not only does it sell equipment but our teams also use it operationally, train with it, service it and maintain it. It's a complete package." Geoff Rowland, COO

"OPEC worked well with Lendlease and completed all scope of works as directed by us." Diana Bowden, Project Engineer, Lendlease