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OPEC has partnered with Australia’s largest privately-owned medical company, Device Technologies, to create Mobilis Medical.

Mobilis Medical can deliver complete, portable self-contained, climate-controlled and clean mobile medical solutions to meet the complex requirements of disaster response; remote health delivery; oil and gas exploration support or simply to provide a small medical support capability for event management.

The collaboration of Device Technologies and OPEC Systems creates a dynamic response capability across the Asia Pacific region with the ability to deliver health care direct to the point of need, with support from some of the world’s leaders in health delivery equipment.

Turn-key Medical Facilities

Customised options include stand-alone and/or integrated packages for:

  • Clinics
  • Hospital Surge Capability
  • Wards
  • Trauma (ER/OR/ICU)
  • Triage and Isolation
  • Immunisation and Drug Distribution
  • Ancillary Clinical Support – Oxygen Delivery/X-Ray/Lab/Pharmacy
  • Morgue systems
  • Dental service delivery

Ancillary Infrastructure

  • In the event of remote delivery of services, Mobilis Medical can provide you with the supporting infrastructure requirements essential to the delivery of services, this includes:
  • Power Solutions, such as Diesel Field Generators, renewable energy solutions and distribution infrastructure.
  • Portable Lighting Capabilities, available with features like Halogen, Neon, High Lux Diode, Battery or Mains Powered and weatherproof.
  • Water, with essential tools such as suction hoses, hydrant adaptors, water pumps, water heaters, pillow bladders, filling stations and dosing systems.
  • Air, including Axial Blowers, LPG Air Heaters, Air Conditioners, Air Filtration and 93% Oxygen generation, storage and distribution.
  • PPE, all required clothing, ocular and respiratory personal protective equipment required for the protection of staff in the safe delivery of medical care.
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