Mobile and Field Hospital Systems

Mobile Clinics

Mobilis Medical (joint venture between OPEC Systems and Device Technologies) provides mobile clinics that are not only lightweight and easy to assemble structures, they are designed to meet the needs of our clients within the medical industry for a variety of medical roles including those located in remote areas of Australia. The mobile clinic can be tailored to suit the client’s requirements and range in sizes from a smaller clinic for small events through to the larger clinic for the events that require additional space.

Small Field Hospitals

Mobilis Medical also provides small, portable field hospitals that can be tailored to the design and size required by the client. This is especially suited to remote locations that require a collection of structures to provide multiple roles in one. An example of this would be a simple doctor’s surgery which could be expanded upon to form a small scale hospital by adding multiple structures for a variety of roles i.e. an adjoining pharmacy and triage/emergency department.
The small field hospitals can be dismantled and packed up efficiently and easily without any evidence they were ever there.  

Large Field Hospitals

Mobilis Medical’s large field hospitals are state of the art, fully equipped portable medical facilities primarily used for full scale disaster relief or military operations whereby one or more operating suites are required and utilise standard and specialised medical equipment to fulfil these roles. These portable medical structures can be rapidly deployed to meet the medical and operational needs in extreme conditions around the world and are climate controlled to withstand a range of weather conditions such as winds, rain and snow loading.