Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) Survey and Safety Services

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UXO Safety Services  

If a site specific activity-based risk assessment determines that the site does not warrant full UXO remediation, however there is still a possibility that UXO may be encountered, OPEC can help. Utilising our suitably qualified personnel and appropriate equipment, we can provide UXO safety support services to assist client’s personnel during the undertaking of a project and to enable a timely response to any chance UXO finds.    

UXO Avoidance Services  

OPEC can provide UXO avoidance services to provide UXO safety to an activity that can be moved to avoid the UXO hazard.  Such activities may take the form of:  

  • surveying and mapping  
  • environmental, heritage, vegetation and natural resource assessments  
  • surface and subsurface soil and water sampling  
  • boring and drilling  
  • groundwater monitoring  
  • well establishment and sampling.   

UXO Hazard Reduction   

Hazard Reduction is the removal and destruction of UXO and other range-related debris (such as target debris, munitions packaging and crating material) to enhance safety or to prevent accumulated material from impairing the intended use of the site.  

Geophysical Survey  

OPEC is proud to use the geophysical survey technology of Gap Explosive Ordnance Detection Pty Ltd (GapEOD), an industry-leading company dedicated to the detection of unexploded ordnance (UXO) (www.gapeod.com) . We choose to use this company as their technology sets the benchmark in UXO survey precision, allowing deeper and more precise ground penetration. Their services are based on innovative geophysical technologies that have proven their success in a wide range of conditions and applications.  

UltraTEM-IV - Advanced Geophysical Classification Technology  

The UltraTEM-IV is next-generation technology that allows for metal object searches with high fidelity. The UltraTEM uses three-component electromagnetic receivers in combination with a powerful transmitter. The high clarity of the data allows for dependable investigation of close-by objects of various sizes, and ultimately translates into investigations that are cheaper, faster, and smarter.  

The UltraTEM system can distinguish closely spaced individual targets, provides accurate estimates of object position and depth, and produces auditable digital recording of all data. 

Use of Gap EOD’s high-power transmitters enables the system to achieve greater imaging depths and to work effectively in areas of magnetic geology that render passive magnetometers and standard electro-magnetic (EM) equipment unusable. 

UltraTEM-IV is validated by DAGCAP for Advanced Geophysical Classification (AGC).  No other system in Australia has passed this rigorous hardware validation process. This means the UltraTEM can detect and classify anomalies on a single pass, resulting in lower survey costs, less false positives and less targets to investigate. 

For more information on GapEOD’s UltraTEM technology and systems please contact us.  

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