In-Situ Treatment: Downhole Foam Fractionation (DFF)

Our scientists have worked collaboratively with our clients to develop and patent a mechanical, efficient and cost effective ‘downhole’ solution for removing per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) from groundwater.

The OPEC Downhole Foam Fractionation (DFF) system removes these potentially hazardous compounds, so that groundwater quality can be restored. It does so by foaming out priority PFAS compounds in-situ within specially designed groundwater wells, which can be strategically positioned within and on the boundaries of contaminated aquifers.

OPEC’s DFF system works by scavenging surface-active PFAS contaminants from solution within groundwater and collecting them in a recoverable foam medium at the top of the wells. A patented foam harvesting system is then used to concentrate, break and remove the PFAS-enriched concentrate from the wells and return it to a centralised control station, where it is further refined into a PFAS hyper-concentrate for offsite removal and disposal/destruction.


• Over 99% removal of PFOS and PFOA from groundwater within minutes of foam fractionation being initiated

• Testing results for 31 TOPA-PFAS Analytes

• Found to be effective on a minimum of 11 other PFAS compounds including PFHxS and 6:2FTS