Soil Treatment: Foam Fractionation Assisted Soil Treatment (FFAST)

Many of the emerging soil and hardstand treatment technologies for PFAS removal, primarily involve a water-based soil washing process which generates significant volumes of PFAS contaminated processing water.

OPEC has developed the FFAST system for effective and rapid treatment of PFAS soil processing waters.

The FFAST is a re-configured SAFF reactor designed to manage high sediment loads.

The front end of FFAST focuses on the efficient pre-treatment of high solid load wash waters using a series of settling vessels, separators, dosing tanks and plug flow reactors. This phase allows the rapid balancing of water quality parameters including suspended and dissolved solids, metals, sulphates and organics.

In the second stage, the wash water is directed through OPEC’s SAFF System and subsequent polishing vessels for PFAS and cocontaminant removal before being returned to the soil washing plant for reuse. FFAST is engineered as a containerised, self contained and modular system which can be engineered to accommodate a range of soil treatment challenges.