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Solar Stikª 360 Breeze

The only truly portable hybrid solar & wind generator in the world!  The Solar Stik™ 360 Breeze can be used for applications requiring power generation in remote areas, or in environments where the sun may not be as prevalent as wind. The 360 Breeze incorporates portability and adaptability, along with two truly independent power sources, to provide power for the majority of applications. 

It is a Solar-Wind Hybrid DC Generator, designed to provide maximum solar power using basic operational principles:  

Cooler Panel Operation Temperatures: Solar Stik™ Panel Arms allow full air flow around the panel surface allowing it to operate cooler than a traditional “flat” or “surface” mounted array.

Direct Sunlight: The Panel Arms can be adjusted to provide maximum direct sunlight exposure onto the panel surface - more direct sunlight means more power generation.

Supplemental Wind Generation: If there is wind, there is power. Wind is an excellent supplemental power source, and augments the power generated by the solar array - In the right conditions, the Solar Stik™ Breeze can reliably generate up to 3.0 kW-h of daily energy with three panel adjustments during the daytime hours and a steady 10 MPH of wind.

Portability: It is engineered as a compact design that allows for easy storage, rapid deployment and secure transport inside two custom Pelican™ cases.