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SECUR-ID™ Pre/Post Decon Combo Kits

Whether at a HazMat incident scene or outside a hospital, the successful processing and/or decontamination of ambulatory “people in need” depends significantly on the ability to provide clear and concise communication and instructions. Furthermore, the opportunity and liability for an individual’s lost or misplaced property demands a means by which a person’s clothing and valuables can be securely stored and tracked.

The answer… SECUR-ID™ Pre/Post Decon Combo Kits.

The SECUR-ID™ Decon Pre/Post Combo Kit comes in three sizes – youth, adult & large adult – containing a “saddlebag” package, with Pre-Decon (red section) and Post-Decon (green section) kits to walk the individual through the entire decontamination process.

The Pre-Decon kit includes:

                Step-by-Step Pictogram Instructions

                Red Modesty Cover

                Two (2) Property Bags (small for valuables and large for clothing & shoes)


After processing and/or going through the decontamination shower, the individual then uses the Post-Decon Kit, which includes:

                Step-by-Step Pictogram Instructions


                Green Modesty Cover




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