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SECUR-ID™ Gun Bag Kit

In a hazmat or emergency incident, law enforcement and security personnel will serve many critical needs: crime scene management, site perimeter control, crowd control, mass decon site control, evidence collection, and pursuit/arrest of suspects. The law enforcement and security personnel may also be wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) but their handgun will be exposed to potential contamination. The weapon must be decontaminated and the SECUR-ID™ Gun Bag Kit helps solve the problem of how to manage and document the transfer of each individual’s hand gun through a simple, easy-to-use, low cost system.
The SECUR-ID™ Gun Bag Kit has three components:
• The SECUR-ID™ Gun Bag – 12” x 16”, tamper-evident bag
with a unique ID number, to hold the weapon & provide a
tear-away, water-proof, wrist-wearable receipt (with the same
unique ID number).
• The SECUR-ID™ Metal Hasp - with the same unique ID
• A clear, plastic, zip-lock bag holding the entire kit.

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