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MPD100 - Multi Purpose Decontamination System

Self contained system allowing up to 3 hours self-sustained operation for decontaminating personnel, vehicles, equipment, buildings, sensitive equipment and terrain.

Product Description

MPD 100 is a Multi-Purpose Decontamination unit developed for tough military missions. The MPD 100 includes all the components required for the decontamination of personnel, vehicles, equipment, terrain and infrastructure.

For many years the MPD 100 military units have been successfully deployed in many countries around the world and as a civil version for civil defence units.

Many armies around the world rely on mobility, versatility and efficiency for protection. The MPD system excels when it comes to ensuring minimum costs with maximum decontamination success.

The MPD 100 is not only suitable for use in military scenarios against radioactive fallout and chemical and biological warfare agents, it can also be used for industrial incidents involving hazardous compounds, release of dangerous goods by natural disasters or terrorist threats. It can also combat animal diseases or distribute drinking water in emergency situations.

The MPD 100 is self sufficient and has the materials and components required for 3 hours of operation.

The MPD 100 is equipped for the decontamination of

  • Personnel 120/h (optional: casualty) - personal Equipment
  • Vehicles and large Equipment
  • Terrain / Infrastructure and Indoor

The MPD 100i, as the improved version, has the capability to apply continuously water-based chlorine chemistry, water-free decontaminants and enzymatic decontamination agents. It is equipped for the decontamination of

  • Personnel up to 240/h (optional: casualty) – personal and sensitive Equipment
  • Vehicles and large Equipment
  • Terrain / Infrastructure
  • Improved Indoor decontamination
  • Support by on-board Computer System.