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Mobile Oxygen Storage Tank (MOST)

The Mobile Oxygen Storage Tank (MOST) is a deployable self contained multi-patient oxygen delivery and storage system.

The MOST stores 10,000 litres (2,250 psi) of compressed oxygen in lightweight composite fiber wound cylinders. This device is ready for immediate use; complete with pressure regulators and gauges. The MOST includes three 20 foot Oxygen Conductive Hoses and three Flow Selectors allowing the continuous support of three patients. The MOST is a replacement for the liquid based PTLOX, and is ballistic tolerant and safe to fly on all USAF medical evacuation aircraft. This product can also be utilised as ground base oxygen storage.


  • Refillable from any high pressure oxygen supply
  • All in one package, equipped to deliver oxygen directly to patients in minutes
  • Stores oxygen as compressed gas without loss
  • Lightweight & portable, weighs less than 200 lbs

Deploy in Disaster Areas:

The MOST addresses the need for an oxygen transportation system that can be stored and stockpiled, ready for immediate use and totally self sufficient for as long as required in the field. It also is easy to operate, dependable, and as small and light as possible.

Safe Storage & Transport:

The MOST consists of two composite carbon fibre wound brass-lined cylinders (military configuration - MOST 20-2-B). It prevents combustion and does not fragment or explode on ballistic impact (.50 caliber ballistic tested). It is also available in a commercial configuration (MOST 20-2-A) in which the cylinders are aluminum-lined.

Rapid Response

The MOST includes three regulators and supply hoses. The MOST is equipped to transport oxygen into the field, delivering life-saving oxygen to patients in minutes.

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