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Hospital Oxygen Backup Supply (HOBS)

The Hospital Oxygen Backup Supply (HOBS) consists of a manifold, supported by four legs, connected to eight "H" cylinders. The HOBS provides an additional 7 hour supply of back-up oxygen in the event of a power or equipment malfunction and will fill cylinders. 



The HOBS is an entirely passive system with no moving parts or power requirements. There is a single discharge port for delivery of low pressure oxygen to the hospital supply line. The high pressure "H" cylinders, when fully pressurised, can supply approximately 8 hours of oxygen at 120 litres per minute. This equates to continuously supplying 5 litres per minute to 24 stations simultaneously. Maximum flow rate is 240 litres per minute.

Deployed Globally:

HOBS was successfully deployed to many countries during both Desert Storm and the Global War on Terrorism. The HOBS is simple to set up and hook up once positioned in the field. Because of its simple operation, several of these units are now in use by the United States Air Force and Army for use in field hospitals.

Complete Solution HOBS & DOCS:

The HOBS is a four-legged stand assembly with a manifold unit for grouping up to eight H oxygen cylinders. The H cylinders can be refilled by the DOCS 120. The HOBS primary purpose is to provide a back-up oxygen source for use if the hospital DOCS 120 should fail or if peak loads exceed 120 litres per minute. Each H cylinder contains 7,210 litres of oxygen at 2,250 psig. Eight H cylinders contain 57,680 litres of O2. At a flow rate of 120 lpm, the HOBS will supply 480 minutes or 8 hours of back-up oxygen.


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