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GD-6 Water-free Decontamination Agent

GD-6 is the enhanced water-free chemical decontamination formulation for civilian and military applications used in the decontamination of sensitive equipment, vehicles, aircraft and buildings/storage facilities.

After the success and fielding of GD-5 with NATO, additional development was undertaken leading to the improved formulation of GD-6.  GD-6 has been extensively tested by several renowned institutes and is fielded by NATO: NSN 6850-12-377-2705.

In 2009 the Canadian Armed Forces chose GD-6, due to its water-free formulation, for the detoxification of high-value equipment. Developed and tested to standards higher than the recommended NATO Decontamination Triptych, scientific experiments have been undertaken to prove the absolute detoxification capability of GD-6 and study the reaction kinetics when used with the highly toxic nerve agents Soman, VX and blister agent S-Mustard (HD). Within the performed experiments the evaluated GD-6 formulation was found to exhibit the expected capabilities and exceed demands.

Some key capabilities of GD-6 are:

  • Remains fluid to at least -20ᵒ C
  • Capability to easily dissolve chemical warfare agents
  • Impressive absolute detoxification capability of 1:1 to 3:1 (gram GD-6 : gram CWA)
  • High to very high detoxification rates.  At ambient temperature Soman was detoxified in less than 1min, VX in less than 3min and S-Mustard in less than 10min.


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