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Fogbooster Decontamination Fogging Device

The Fogbooster is a cold fogging unit that creates an air-borne decontaminant or disinfectant vapour which reaches normally inaccessible places. It is lightweight and driven by compressed air coming from a compressor or from backpack air tanks.

The Fogbooster can be used inside buildings, vehicles, public transport systems, aircraft, naval vessels etc. It is a clean and low noise unit without electrical components. Different chemical and biological decontamination agents can be used in the Fogbooster and are available from OPEC Systems.


Based on a patented fogging nozzle using compressed air - Cold fogging system without any electrical parts - Standard agent tank 1 litre - Standard air tank 2x 6L/300 bar - Operation time approx. 30 min - Easy switch operation to change between DRYFOG and WETFOG mode.

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