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A portable stainless steel spraying device for personal decontamination, which offers maximum personal protection in an emergency decontamination situation.

The bottle is initially pressureless making it very safe to transport. When required, pressure can be generated in seconds by a hand pump. Contains GD-6, a very efficient and proven decontamination solution, which combats chemical and biological contamination of personal equipment, heavy duty equipment, the interior and exterior of vehicles, aircraft and vessels.

GD-6 decontaminates all known chemical agents, biological warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals. In emergencies the skin can be directly decontaminated. It is non-corrosive and non-conductive. GD-6 is very effective and economical; shelf life is 10 years. It needs only seconds of set-up time and is simple to use. Can be used within aeroplanes and helicopters or deployed with parachutists and scuba divers due to the pressureless design. Refillable and maintenance free. Ideal for advance assault troops or covert operations. Easy to store on the utility belt with a Velcro mechanism.

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