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Alldecont medical skin decontamination kit

Alldecont is a rapid and effective skin decontamination system, delivered through a handy dual stage spray bottle.

Alldecont guarantees the fast and safe decontamination of all known Chemical Warfare Agents and is used as part of a personal NBC kit, a NBC first aid box in mobile medical units, or at decontamination stations (NBC or Medical).  The system allows a rapid decontamination of skin, clothes and personal equipment during civil or military operations.

  • Handy, reliable applicator
  • Fast and efficient effect
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for skin and personal equipment
  • Medical product with EU CE-marking
  • Essential for every modern NBC first aid kit.

The decontamination solution is applied directly to the skin and is distributed evenly through use of a sponge.  For decontamination against CWA a contact time of 1 minute is sufficient, nonetheless the solution remains active for about 10-15 minutes.