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3 Line Decontamination Shower

A 3 Line Decontamination Shelter for effective decontamination of both ambulatory and non-ambulatory casualties within the same compact footprint.

Features and Benefits:

  • Patented external articulating frame with corrosion resistant anodised aluminum.  Design facilitates rapid deployment; shelter can operate with 30% of frame missing or broken
  • UV stable, fire retardant and chemical resistant fabric on interior. Provides durability; protects exterior frame from contaminants and expedites post-use clean up
  • Stores to 45” x 45” x 45”. Space efficient for facilities with limited space
  • Separates into 3 decon lines. Enables patient privacy for male and female patients; added lane for non‐ambulatory.
  • Interior Basin. Contains waste water within wash/rinse area of shelter
  • On/Off capable shower nozzles on interior fabric saturate patients with 360° of spray.  Maintains system integrity and maximises decon capability; nozzles can easily turn on or off for user’s specific needs.




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