Site Support Services

It’s often the little things which make the difference between a good job and a great job. DERT focuses on optimising the success of complex projects by providing an array of support services to ensure that the small things don’t become major issues. To achieve this DERT has gone to where few, if any, traditional contractors have gone before, with the inhouse addition of an array of unique project support capabilities.

24/7 Security

DERT, through OPEC, holds a Master Security Licence which can be utilised to provide specialised 24/7 security services to watch over and protect sensitive sites and operations.

On Site Medical Services

DERT provides qualified, registered CBRN and trauma medics for operations on high risk sites where local protocols around patient transfer and cross contamination issues render immediate medical support challenging.

On Site Laboratory Services

Where complex contaminant and explosive residues may pose issues around sample transport and handling issues DERT provides on-site laboratory analysis capabilities for quick and secure turnaround of results.

Waste Management

DERT provides highly specialised cradle to grave waste recovery, containment, packaging and transport capabilities to provide rock solid chain of custody and responsible disposal records.

Logistics Integration

With the innumerable moving parts encountered on major projects DERT provides our clients with confidence through a comprehensive integrated logistics support capability, including warehousing, procurement and asset management.