Service Stations

Retail Fuel Services

OPEC Systems offers a turnkey package of services within the fuel and gas industry from initial consultancy and advice, to the supply, installation and onward maintenance of storage tanks, fuel pumps and dispensers. We can help you with the complete planning & project management of virtually any size project.

With a number of offices around Australia, we are well situated to offer a complete service to your 
organisation that will ensure that your fuel supply system is always in optimal condition.

Typical works covered include:

  • Above & below ground tank installation, testing and  decommissioning
  • Pipe work & electrical installations to current regulations
  • Fuel management systems
  • Fuel dispensing pumps
  • Tank gauging systems & environmental monitoring systems
  • Separators (interceptors)
  • Electrical installations

We can help you with compliance testing and leak location for your pipelines and storage tanks. We offer a number of services to help oil companies and independent fuel station owners to build and operate efficient, leak-resistant fuelling facilities. We offer the most sensitive, comprehensive testing on the market. 

The integrity of your fuel system is verified by way of Equipment Integrity Testing and fuel line pressure testing. OPEC Systems’ technicians are trained and certified operators of the Estabrooks EZY CHEK Equipment Integrity Test (EIT) which meets the requirements of certification standards issued by the USEPA, and fully complies with Australian Standards AS4897-2008.

We will challenge all parts of your storage and handling system, including, storage tanks and pipelines. In addition, we return either an indisputable certificate of health or quantitative confirmation of a problem with advice and the resources to repair.

OPEC ensures that you not only do all to protect the environment and your own cash but that you are seen to be doing this proactively.

Ad Blue

As a quality design and construct contractor in the retail, commercial and Industrial bulk fuelling environment, OPEC has extended its business model to include Diesel Exhaust Fluid (AdBlue®) installations.

AdBlue® has recently been introduced into the fuel industry for the purpose of reducing harmful nitrogen oxides produced during diesel combustion. This is achieved by injecting AdBlue or equivalent DEF from a separate reservoir into the exhaust pipeline.  The chemical reaction uses ammonia to reduce nitrogen oxides by converting into nitrogen and water, both by-products are harmless.

OPEC Systems is involved in several AdBlue installations located within Department of Defence facilities throughout Australia.  OPEC Systems was responsible for the procurement, installation, testing, commissioning, training and handover of the AdBlue facilities to the principal contractors, complete with full QA and operations and maintenance manuals.


Our people are the single most important factor in driving the company forward and, as such, we ensure the highest level of health, safety and welfare for our staff. Our comprehensive procedures and quality management systems have seen the Company achieve:

  • AS/NZS 4801:2001 (Occupation Health and Safety Management Systems),
  • ISO9001:2008 (Quality Management Systems) and
  • AS/NZS ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems) accreditations
  • OPEC is also OFSC accredited by the Federal Safety Commissioner.