Safety - Complex Site Risk Management

DERT is an organisation strategically geared towards the remediation of complex, problematic sites with multiple overlapping risk profiles. Working in some of the most dangerous and challenging environments and industries in the country DERT has refined its risk management practices to world’s best standards. From meticulous pre-project planning meetings and stakeholder engagement processes through to site handover and certification DERT retains its unwavering focus on managing and mitigating risks and delivering the best possible outcome for our clients.

Included in DERT’s unique offering are the following Risk Management capabilities.

Explosive Residue Detection and Remediation

Detection, analysis and nuetralisation or removal of explosive residues and by-products in building fabrics, subsurface infrastructure and pipelines.

Hazardous Materials Handling

Identification, packaging, handling and disposal of a broad array of hazardous chemicals and materials.

Radiological Contamination Detection and Mitigation

Background monitoring and sampling for radiological contaminants including rectification of contaminated surfaces and equipment and contaminant recovery.

UXO Handling and Disposal

Historical site research, geophysical survey, investigation and removal of UXO contamination by qualified technicians.

Marine and Underwater Inspection, Survey and Recovery Services

DERT operates a fleet of work vessels and dive teams manned primarily by ex-Army and Navy divers involved in the clearance of marine hazards.

Asbestos Removal

DERT holds a Class A Asbestos removal licence and offers experience in removing asbestos from sensitive and dangerous sites.

Engineering Controls

The complete encapsulation and engineering control of potentially contaminated buildings and equipment is an integral element of contamination control.

Decontamination Systems and Staff

DERT provides trained staff and mobile field equipment systems to conduct decontamination procedures when working with toxic or hazardous chemicals and agents.