Programmed Maintenance

Programmed Maintenance


OPEC Systems is an experienced, efficient company offering programmed maintenance in a range of areas and industries. OPEC provides three, six, nine and twelve monthly services. OPEC services sites from the ACT, Southern NSW, Sydney, Newcastle and Grafton. We have the capability to service both metropolitan and rural-remote sites.

OPEC currently has programmed fuel system maintenance contracts in the following industries:

  • Back up generation diesel fuel systems for high security data centres;
  • Back up generation diesel fuel systems for high-rise commercial buildings;
  • Back up generation diesel fuel systems for hospitals;
  • Bulk fuel infrastructure programmed maintenance for rail industry, including both passenger and bulk material handling, such as coal. 

Three Monthly Service

OPEC’s various monthly services include over 25 separate operations. This ensures OPEC meets the highest standards of safety and environmental preservation. Three monthly services include:

Mobilisation of site
Inspection of fire hydrants
Test operations of Emergency Stop, Isolation Switches and Veeder Root FMS

  • Check pump, pipework and storage tanks for leaks and corrosion 
  • Check operation of manual and actuated valves 
  • Check conditions of earthing straps/connections 
  • Check for clear vent functioning 
  • Check filter pressure differential 
  • Check operation of loading arm 
  • Inspect Banlaw breakaway coupling 
  • Check functionality of COMPAC unit 
  • Check condition of electrical and control cables 
  • Check tank bund integrity 
  • Check for water in fuel 
  • Compare contents gauge reading with dip stick reading 
  • Check spill kits and strainer basket 
  • Demobilisation of site 
  • Reporting

Six / Nine / Twelve Monthly Services

The subsequent services closely resemble the three-monthly service. However, additional inspections are included to maintain the most rigorous and comprehensive standards in all areas. These inspections include calibrating meters and testing for fuel bacteria. OPEC upholds the highest quality programmed maintenance standards. This ensures that we effectively sustain the infrastructure and safety tools of client industries.