Fuel Solutions

If managed properly, diesel fuel can be maintained at supply quality for long periods. OPEC Systems is able to treat most fuel types utilising a range of patented on-site technologies to maximise life expectancy. This reduces the requirement to regularly replace fuels and keeps them in prime condition for when they will be needed.

  • Schedule 1 Fuel Test

    Schedule 1 Fuel Test gives a broad understanding of the condition of fuel and its suitability for…

  • Schedule 2 Fuel Test

    Schedule 2 Fuel Test provides a relatively detailed fuel condition report. This test gives the user…

  • Schedule 3 Fuel Test

    Schedule 3 Fuel Test provides the most comprehensive fuel condition report available. 


  • Fuel Conditioning

    A proprietary system for the on-site treatment of contaminated fuel, which polishes chronically…

  • Biocide Dosing

    Infrequently used tanks accumulate water quite rapidly and algae, yeast, fungal and bacterial…

  • Fuel Disposal

    Where fuel is degraded to the point that it cannot be restored to a usable condition, OPEC…

  • Fuel Transfer

    During tank maintenance works it is often necessary to remove the bulk fuel stock and temporarily…

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