Environment - Heritage and Environmental Protection and Monitoring

Environment and heritage issues can serve as the friction points on high profile projects. DERT’s pedigree is unique in that the background of many of the key team members lies in the environmental management professions, and the protection of the environment in its many forms is at the heart of the DERT ethos. Whether it is preserving the key aspects of the built environment, respectfully managing indigenous or European cultural remnants or carefully ensuring the preservation of the natural environment, DERT maintains an experienced and trustworthy eye across our sites and beyond.

Water Quality Monitoring

Ground and surface water sampling regimes are developed and implemented by DERT’s in house team of environmental scientists and hydrogeologists.

Soil Quality Monitoring

With experienced drilling teams and sampling equipment DERT is able to ensure soil testing is effectively conducted in both marine and terrestrial environments.

Air Quality Monitoring

Effective testing of the air quality is conducted at both the heart of the works as well as the boundaries of the sites using accurate equipment to test for a broad array of contaminants.

Site Stormwater Runoff Control

The implementation of effective site runoff control reduces avenues for contamination migration and subsequent impacts to off-site water quality.

Aboriginal and Cultural Heritage Management

In conjunction with relevant subject matter experts DERT works as a collaborative team to manage heritage issues and prevent harm to these invaluable assets.

Flora and Fauna Protection

DERT engages with regional specialists conversant with local site biota to develop and implement practical strategies for key species protection on those sites where they are working.


When the heavy lifting is completed DERT applies the finishing touches to create soft and hard landscapes that beautify sites to reflect the visions of our clients.

Resource Recovery

DERT takes a proactive and innovative approach to resource recovery, ensuring waste is managed responsibly and sustainably, and that all possible materials are recovered.