Engineering - General Contracting Capabilities

At its heart, DERT is an applied engineering contractor with significant established expertise in civil, structural and environmental engineering specialities. DERT applies this expertise to transform sites in a safe, practical and cost effective manner to deliver the outcomes that our clients and the community expects.

Containment Cell Design and Construction

On select sites the safest and most practical solution for contamination management is to stabilise it on site in purpose DERT designed, robust containment cells.

Deconstruction and Demolition

With several World Demolition Titles awarded via Liberty Industrial, DERT management and staff bring the highest possible levels of expertise and equipment to this challenging and important phase of the works.

General Civil Works

DERT operates and manages a fleet of civil contractors to undertake bulk earthworks and conduct detailed survey and excavation activities on challenging sites operating under a matrix of risk management controls.

Sub-Surface Infrastructure Remediation

The pipes, culverts, landfills and tunnels beneath a site can house a host of unknown elements. DERT applies its specialised techniques and technologies to ensure this work is done safely and carefully.

Wharf and Marine Infrastructure

With highly trained commercial diving teams and vessels for most applications DERTs experience extends beneath the water surface to support the prosecution and management of subsurface demolition requirements.