Decommissioned Site Management

Creating solutions for your Site needs

OPEC manages challenging decontamination and decommissioning services for industrial and government entities. We have safely decommissioned former military and industrial buildings and facilities that were highly contaminated, and have completed site closures under pressured schedules and structured budgets. Dealing with hazards such as these requires close interaction with major regulators and stakeholders to manage the safe disposition of materials within regulatory frameworks.

OPEC has restored some of the most contaminated structures in Australia, with contaminants incorporating everything from asbestos and hazardous chemicals to organic compounds. OPEC's approach to demolition planning focuses on the nature of the facility that needs removing, the nature of any contaminants, and the final outcome. Adhering to waste management criteria provides the safest, most cost-effective demolition methods.

Decontamination & Demolition 

Project and Facilities Management 

By bringing together the best contractors and coordinating their activities, OPEC-led teams achieve cost efficiencies and schedule control while conducting ongoing verification of quality. OPEC provides savings by utilising proven facilities technology, implementing optimal cross-industry practices and solutions, employing highly trained workers engaged with the project, and fostering a close relationship with our customer. The knowledge we’ve gained from our extensive experience with Pacific National and Australian Department of Defence is directly transferable to executing projects anywhere, anytime.

Asset & Materials Support

OPEC manages and maintains equipment for the Department of Defence and Australian Marine Safety Authority. We have our own range of specialists in this area and a number of facilities around Australia. We have also implemented and currently administer an automated asset management system for PM inspections, maintenance histories, and documentation of equipment specifications.

Minor Construction Services

OPEC is able to draw heavily from our experiences and lessons learned on Defence Site Maribyrnong to satisfy our responsibilities of minor construction services along with operations and maintenance support. We are able to complete small project work by drawing from our already-mobilised, already-trained maintenance and turnaround workforce by applying smart job planning, backlog management, and personnel rotation management, resulting in considerable cost savings. We are also able to draw from our company's larger personnel roster for specialist skills.

Plant Maintenance/Heavy Plant Equipment Operations

OPEC’s experience includes multi-skilled operators trained in facility operations, plant equipment maintenance, and facility operations and maintenance program development. From enormous crane operators to specialist excavator operators who uncover live unexploded ordnance, OPEC employs a wide range of heavy plant equipment operators, all of whom know the importance of looking after their machine and keeping costs down.


Our people are the single most important factor in driving the company forward and, as such, we ensure the highest level of health, safety and welfare for our staff. Our carefully constructed procedures and quality management systems have seen the Company achieve AS/NZS 4801:2001 accreditation (Occupation Health and Safety Management Systems), ISO9001:2008 accreditation (Quality Management Systems) and the accreditation by ISNetworld to be on the supplier list for certain major fuel suppliers.

OPEC is also currently licensed to remove Friable Asbestos in both NSW (AD21588) and Victoria (H13/00447) and also to carry out Restricted Demolition in NSW (AD211601). 

Why Choose OPEC?

OPEC doesn’t just stop at project and contamination management. Of primary concern for OPEC’s business organisation include water and wastewater management, asset support, health and safety, materials support services and minor construction services. In every aspect of its control, OPEC offers exceptional and comprehensive services to all clients.