Fuel System Compliance Solutions

Compliance Solutions

Bulk Fuel Infrastructure (BFI) is an often neglected element of many sites' disaster recovery and management procedures. OPEC sheds some light on this high risk area by offering a comprehensive auditing and management service for  BFI.

This process starts with a comprehensive audit of a site's compliance status. From this process an audit report is generated which highlights shortfalls in the existing system and allows the client to quantify an action plan for bringing the site up to standard. Following the Audit a fully detailed report, complete with recommendations is developed which sets out clear strategies and outcomes for the  BFI to achieve complete and ongoing compliance with all necessary regulatory and legislative requirements.

Many current BFI compliance services do not adhere to the paperwork and reporting requirements of AS1940. Within OPEC's auditing system we offer the ability to generate operations and maintenance manuals, including the generation of CAD system schematic drawings to aid clients in understanding their system.

We can provide the following audit and inspection services:

  • Compliance audits in accordance with AS1940-2017;
  • Ten yearly inspections in accordance with AS1940-2017 and API-653;
  • Bulk tank remaining life assessment inspection and reporting;
  • Development of operations and maintenance manuals, including the integration of client operational and emergency procedures to aid in regular inspection and testing. This includes equipment integrity testing for tanks and pipework.