Hazardous Materials Remediation


Creating solutions for your Hazardous Materials Remediation needs

OPEC Systems is a privately owned Australian company with over 20 years’ experience, encompassing a diverse range of products and services. These range from Contaminated Site Remediation (Asbestos and Un-Exploded Ordinance (UXO) Detection and Destruction); Contaminant Spill Control; Subsea Contract Maintenance; Fuel Systems Management, Installation and Decommission, to Disaster Management and Decontamination Equipment.

As an organisation, OPEC recognises that our diversely qualified and thoroughly trained personnel are the key to safely managing the risks associated within our chosen fields. Our people are the single most important factor in driving the company forward and, as such, we ensure the highest level of health, safety and welfare for our staff. Our carefully constructed procedures and quality management systems have seen the Company achieve AS/NZS 4801:2001 accreditation (Occupation Health and Safety Management Systems) and ISO9001:2008 accreditation (Quality Management Systems).

Given that OPEC’s personnel have been working with major industrial clients we have expanded into remediation of the more common hazardous materials including Asbestos, Lead and Mould Remediation.

OPEC’s priority is to build strong working relationships with our clients. We strive for open and honest consultation with each of them to ensure that the best solutions to complex hazardous materials remediation projects can be reached within the desired schedule and budget.

We apply a team approach to all projects allowing us to provide the best solution, giving the best result.

OPEC is currently licensed to remove both Non-Friable and Friable Asbestos in both NSW and Victoria and also carry out Restricted Demolition in NSW.

Safety and Environment

OPEC puts the highest priority on OHS&E for all of its hazardous material remediation projects. Each of our fully qualified employees is trained in all types and methods of asbestos removal, maintaining the highest standard of safety and quality workmanship by strictly adhering to our Quality Management Systems.

Whether it’s five metres taken from a fibro shed or friable asbestos dumped outside a childcare centre, all of our projects are addressed with the same Quality Management System. This QMS is implemented by all OPEC employees, ensuring the level of professionalism and attention to detail for safety to personnel, public, the environment and property every time.

Asbestos Removal Process

Usually, after consulting the Asbestos Register, one of OPEC’s representatives will attend the site to consult with the client or their representative.

Whilst on site we will establish the quantity of asbestos or other hazardous material to be removed.

We determine any site specific hazards that will be encountered during the removal works, e.g. power, gas, heights, confined space etc.

We discuss any operational restrictions like site access, operating hours, site or neighbouring personnel, and/ or project requirements such as the protection or removal of plant or building features / finishes, the location, isolation or disconnection of services. 

All of the above items then go into formulating the project specific Asbestos Control Plan, which nominates the different types and quantities of asbestos to be removed, all hazards, restrictions, removal procedures and all the controls OPEC will implement to control them

Once OPEC is successful in the tendering process, we notify WorkCover of our intent to remove asbestos from our client’s project. We contact any neighbouring or adjacent property tenants, including other interested parties to discuss and allay any concerns.

Prior to removal, OPEC’s fully trained and qualified operatives are briefed on the ACP and the relevant Safe Work Method Statements to ensure the highest standard of safety and quality workmanship possible.


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