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I worked with Ben McDonnell from OPEC at one of our properties for compliance works. The communication and works that were delivered were as indicated in OPEC’s quote and in line with our expectations. I found Ben a pleasure to work with. When excavation took place there were a few unknowns, but Ben was good in communicating the findings to me daily and also resolving any issues along the way, offering several quality solutions and cost options.

Chris Muir, Manager – Cameron Brae Group

Established in 1992, OPEC Systems began by providing solutions to problems of Oil Pollution and Environmental Control (OPEC). However, OPEC has since expanded its range of products and services to include the six main areas of:

Defence: CBRN equipment - detection, decontamination, protective clothing and masks, temporary shelters and accessories
Geophysical survey and EOD investigation - Removal of toxic materials, munitions recovery and underwater EOD

Energy: Bulk fuel and tank management - Facility management, civil and structural engineering services, industrial demolition and national warehousing services
Hazardous Materials Remediation;

Marine: Marine spill response equipment - Oil skimmers, transfer pumps, towable bladders and waste water tanks
Oil spill response equipment and services - Repair, storage and recovery, consultancy and training, wildlife rehabilitation and decontamination

Subsea: Inland, off shore and near shore diving - EOD diving, rig and offshore platform maintenance, bridge, wharf and pier maintenance, vessel and dam maintenance;

Enviro: Contaminated soil remediation, radiological and environmental monitoring and waste disposal;

Health: Temporary, mobile field hospitals - Field medical supplies, temporary morgues, field support, decontamination shelters and showers, major incident response.


To provide exceptional, innovative solutions where we always exceed clients’ expectations. Our success is defined by our commercial viability, the safety and welfare of our people, our contribution to society and our positive impact on the environment.

A Career at OPEC

OPEC is always on the lookout for energetic, experienced people. We offer our clients workable solutions to, often, complex problems. We give our staff practical training, real-world challenges and a friendly, supportive workplace. OPEC understands and balances the needs of employees with the demands of their work. 


Our services prevent or minimise real-world catastrophes. We respond anytime, anywhere - quickly and effectively.
However, we also commit ourselves to the safety of our staff and clients. Our slogan is 'If you can't do it safely, don't do it until you can!' Most business areas require weekly Toolbox Meetings. These meetings assist Management to review and refine our Safe Work Methods (SWM’s).

Charitable Donations

Charitable donations are an important element of OPEC Systems. We continue to donate money to staff-selected charities. We aim to make a difference to the human as well as natural environment by offering them both a brighter, safer future.

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