Mini Pipeline

The Mini-Pipeline system is designed to transfer and temporarily store recovered pollutants from remote and inaccessible areas. It is a containerised system, which consists of two diesel powered transfer VikoPumps, five temporary storage Vikoma Startanks and 1.3km of galvanised steel 4″ pipe. The versatility of the system allows the user to transfer pollutant up to 1.3km using combinations of the above equipment.

Key features and benefits:

  • The pump sets are skid mounted, have a single point for vertical lift (ideal for heli-lift) and two fork pockets.
  • The pumps can be removed from the skid and either submerged or used in-line
  • The pumps are variable speed drive and can handle very high viscosity pollutants
  • The system is capable of dry running
  • The large, 4″ pipework and pump are insensitive to plugging and can handle solids of up to 30mm
  • The Startanks are available in polyeurethane and neoprene
  • The system’s temporary storage capacity is 50m3.

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