A collapsible tank for the transport of water or fuel to remote or inaccessible locations by helicopter.

Uses: Delivery of drinking water – Delivery of water for fire fighting – Delivery of fuels.

Ease of use: The Helo-Tank is supplied fitted with a certified web system which terminates at a single lift point. No adjustment is required, simply attach and lift. The Helo-Tank’s specially designed pod shape enables stable flight when full or partially full.

Simple to fill: The Helo-Tank is fitted with one 2″/50mm base fitting with brass gate valve for both fill and discharge. A pressure relief valve is fitted to the top of the tank to vent any air and prevent accidental overfillings. For filling simply attach to the base gate valve and fill until firm or to when the relief valve expresses some fluid.

Stable in Flight: The aerodynamic pod shape of the tank enables stable flight and manoeuvring without the tank spinning or adversely affecting flight.

Self-Adjusting Shape: The self-adjusting design ensures the tank maintains a pod shape when full or partially full. This provides a stable shape for flight at all times and enables the partial offloading to multiple sites. Stable on ground: The Helo-Tank can be placed on an incline up to 20° (depending on slope surface). In addition attaching guys to the reinforced lugs can retain it.

Land Transport: The Helo-Tank can be transported full by securing to the deck of a truck using the tank’s reinforced lugs. This enables multiple tanks to be filled and moved to safe collection sites.