Flexible Transport Tanks 5000-400,000L

Our range of flexible liquid tanks are designed for either transport or static storage of a variety of liquids including water, waste, chemicals and fuels.

In today’s highly efficient transport market, the ability to provide back loading for freight contracts is essential, in addition to being able to quickly react to new market opportunities in this changing environment. The Covertex Flexible Transport Tank provides the unique ability to use existing truck and trailer decks or bath tubs for the cartage of fluid in one direction and back load with general freight.


Simple to use: Once ensuring the deck area is clear, simply unroll, attach the load restraints and fill.

Who can use: The transport tank can be adapted to fit any deck or flat surface suitable for transport loads. Typical applications are Flat-deck truck & trailer, Curtain-siders and Bath tub units.

What equipment is needed?  A Ball Valve, Load restraint chains in protective lay flat tube,  Fill & emptying hose (normally supplied at load and unloading depots), Deck tarpaulin for added protection between the tank and the deck surface.

Stable load: Once secure and pressurised, the tank becomes quite rigid and performs on road similar to that of traditional loads.

Strength: The Covertex Transport Tanks have been engineered and tests carried out on tank materials and construction to ensure it meets the 1g surge load requirements of the LTSA.

Long life: The Covertex Transport Tanks are able to handle the rigours of transport for up to seven years.

Back Loading: Once emptied, the tank is rolled up, taking up a fraction of its space, freeing the deck for back loading of traditional freight.

Cost Effective: As transport tanks are able to utilise an existing vehicle, there is no need for specially built fluid trucks. Additionally the transport tank enables the truck to return with paying freight as opposed to returning empty.

Custom size: The tanks are customised to fit any truck size providing volumes from 3,000 to 12,000 litres.

Application: Tanks can be used for Potable Water, Wood Resins, Fruit juice, Oils, Waste and Non Acidic Liquids.

Robust Construction: Manufactured from heavy-duty nylon reinforced Polyurethane, providing high strength & flexibility as well as chafe, puncture and UV resistance. The construction involves 3 layer seams and additional across tank chafe/wear strips for chains to ensure strength and safety.

Proven performance: Transport tanks have been in operation in NZ by 5 Transport Companies for the transport of wood resins. Several of the tanks have remained in service for up to 7 years.

Servicing: For safety reasons Covertex recommends the tanks be inspected and pressure tested every 6 months, this ensures both maintenance for long life and safety.


Item #Volume (l)Length (m)Width (m)Packed weight (kg)Packed dimensions (m)
750305,0004.32.4231.0 x 0.6 x 0.2
7503110,0007.12.4361.0 x 0.4 x 0.3
7503215,0003.756.2601.0 x 0.7 x 0.3
7503320,0004.56.4751.2 x 0.75 x 0.4

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