Vikoma T6 Skimmer (Floating)

A floating stainless steel T-Disc skimmer that is designed for use in both hazardous and corrosive environments.

The T6 skimmer system is lightweight and highly efficient for use in the removal of a wide range of water contaminated hydrocarbon based pollutants. It is free floating, enabling it to be used in locations where significant water level changes occur, and can be operated continuously with minimum downtime. The system is ideal for use in oil/water interceptors, ballast ponds/lagoons, settling tanks and storm water interceptors. The standard system consists of the T6 skimmer head; an electro-hydraulic power pack; a positive displacement VikoPump and all the necessary hoses. The skimmer has been sucessfully used in the following industries:  Oil/Gas, Iron/Steel, Chemicals, Food, Power Generation.

Key Features: The system is manufactured in 316L stainless steel as standard to deal with the most common industrial environments (other materials, such as Super Duplex, Inconnel and Hasteloy, are available if required) – The unique T-discTM design, which is the result of several years of research by the University of Manchester, significantly increases the rate of recovery – The system can be supplied to meet the requirements of ATEX –  The recovery rate is up to 6m3/hr – The system will recover in excess of 98% oil content, which can be recovered, re-used or sold – The electro-hydraulic power pack comes complete with control valves to adjust the speed of both the T-discsTM and the pump to suit and match the recovery requirements – By rapid and constant removal of hydrocarbons the system reduces odours, fire risk and the release of hydrocarbons to the atmosphere – Return on investment can be acheived within 3 months depending on status of the process.

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