Vikoma Komara Mini

The Komara™ Mini system consists of a skimmer, a diesel driven power pack, hydraulically driven floating transfer pump and a site hose kit. The skimmer system has an oil recovery rate of over 3 6m /hour. The system has been designed to be highly portable with no component requiring more than two personnel to carry it.

The Komara™ Mini skimmer system is a self-contained, light weight oil recovery system, specifically designed to be carried by hand into inaccessible areas to recover a wide range of oils from water. The standard system includes an oleophilic disc skimmer head; a unique, two part, portable diesel power pack; a floating transfer pump and all the associated hoses and connectors. Vikoma also offers an electric version. This alternative system does not require a power pack and the skimmer head plus pump are connected to an electrical source via a Vikoma controller. The systems will operate in most environments, including very shallow waters and marshland, and will recover in excess of 98% oil. Due to its compact size the Komara™ Mini can be used in almost all inland and shoreline areas including ports and harbours, waste oil pits, beach operations, inland waterways, ponds, lakes, marshes, mangroves and any similar environment where oils are required to be removed from water.

Key features and benefits:

  • The whole system, including the powerpack, is man portable making it ideal for emergency response to inaccessible areas
  • The skimmer discs operate smoothly even at very low speeds, giving more than 98% oil pick-up, which effectively eliminates the need for costly separation or disposal of dirty water
  • The disc scrapers are manufactured from a specially designed flexible polymer which precisely follows the contour of the disc and ensures that even the lightest oils are recovered with high efficiency
  • The pump rating is 10m3/hr and the system oil recovery rate is 6.4m3/hr
  • The positive displacement transfer pump floats within 1m of the skimmer head, this reduces the suction requirement, enabling higher volumes of higher viscosity contaminants to be recovered and discharged
  • The diesel powerpack incorporates safety features to ensure that it is safe in oil spill situations.

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