Vikoma Kebab K4 Skimmer

The Kebab K4 skimmer system is a highly efficient oleophilic disc skimmer system mounted in a wheeled trolley. The compact Kebab K4 skimmer is ideally suited to removing oil from water where space is limited, e.g. beneath manhole covers.

The IMP 20 is a robust pump unit with good suction characteristics. The Kebab K4 electric Dual controller provides 12 volt DC power from an AC source. Disc speed and Pump speed are both PWM to ensure high torque delivery and precise control for both discs and pump across the full range of operating speeds.


Length: 81cm

Width: 55cm

Height: 131cm

Weight: 42kg

Suction: 4m length 3/4” NB with quick release couplings on both ends

Discharge: 3m length 3/4” NB with quick release coupling on both ends

Rope: 10m x 8mm diameter nylon rope.

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