Vikoma Bohus Delta 360 skimmer

The Bohus 360 is a self adjusting weir skimmer that is capable of removing a wide range of oils and other substances from the surface of water. It is ideal for use in tanks, ponds, lakes and other areas of slow moving or stationary water.

Key features and benefits:

  • The Bohus 360 is constructed from marine grade aluminium with stainless steel fittings and polyurethane bellows
  • The skimmer has a 360o weir and has a diameter of 615mm, giving it a wide area of influence
  • The Bohus 360 system has a capacity of up to 25m3/hr
  • The skimmer has an operating draft of only 300mm
  • The skimmer to discharge hose interface is a swivelling camlock outlet, enabling it to articulate without the influence of the hose.