Star Disc Maxi

The Star Disc Maxi is an advanced, compact, heavy viscous oil skimmer suitable for operation in coastal waters, ports and inland waterways.

The Star Disc Maxi system is an oil recovery skimmer specifically designed for recovering high volumes of medium to very heavy oils. The Star Disc Maxi system includes a mechanical recovery skimmer with onboard pump, plus hydraulic powerpack and all the associated hoses and connectors. The skimmer will operate in most environments and will recover very heavy oils at up to 90.8m3/hr per hour with more than 98% oil pick-up, removing the need for costly separation or disposal of dirty water. The Star Disc Maxi can be used in a variety of locations, including ports and harbours, waste oil pits, shoreline operations, coastal waters, inland waters and any similar environment where medium to very heavy oils are required to be removed from a water source. The Star Disc Maxi has been successfully deployed in locations all around the globe with emergency response organisations, coast guards and port authorities.

Key Features and Benefits;

  • The Star Dsystem is constructed entirely from metal, which handles exceptionally viscous and heavy contaminants far better than plastic
  • With its integral buoyancy, fenders and robust design, the Star Disc Maxi can be safely operated from vessels and alongside booms
  • The skimmer employs patented toothed bank technology to mechanically recover heavy oils
  • It can operate smoothly even at very low speeds, giving more than 98% oil pick-up, which effectively eliminates the need for costly separation or disposal of dirty water
  • The skimmer will operate effectively even when surrounded by large debris such as wood
  • The on-board positive displacement Vikopump enables high volumes of high viscosity contaminants to be recovered and discharged
  • The pump rating is 104m3/hr and the system oil recovery rate is 90.8m3/hr
  • Vikoma pioneered the use of water injection to reduce friction between the oil and the discharge pipe, allowing for recovery of very heavy oils
  • The GP60-4 diesel powerpack is extremely efficient and incorporates important safety features to ensure that it is safe for operation in oil spill situations
  • The GP60-4 powerpack is also very versatile and will power other oil spill equipment
  • The Star Disc Maxi comes complete with lifting straps for ease of deployment
  • The system was developed and tested to meet demanding design and performance criteria for a heavy oil skimming system in conjunction with Oil Spill Response Ltd (OSRL) of Southampton, England.

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