Multi Oil Skimming System (MOSS)

Designed to offer a complete packaged oil spill recovery solution that is easily portable, will recover oil with a broad range of viscosities and will allow fast reaction to spills in remote or difficult locations.

Each component of the MOSS system is designed to be man-portable and the whole system is supplied in a robust aluminium transportation container which can be easily and cost effectively stored and transported to where it is needed. This unique system is ideal for use when responding to smaller spills in situations on beaches, harbours, small rivers and cross-country pipeline spills.

The system comprises of:  A Vikoma Komara™ Mini disc skimmer; A Vikoma Komara™ Duplex brush skimmer; A Vikoma Delta skimmer (suction head); A Bohus 360 Weir skimmer; A Vikoma GP7 man-portable split power pack; A Vikoma IMP65 floating positive displacement pump; All hoses and accessories for deployment and operation.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • The MOSS system is a self-contained emergency response package containing everything necessary to tackle most oil spill situations, covering a wide range of oil types in a wide range of remote and difficult locations
  • The MOSS system is securely housed in a robust, dedicated container, which makes it extremely portable, ideal for a rapid emergency response
  • Every component within the MOSS system has been designed to be man portable (complying with European weight lifting recommendations)
  • The versatile power pack and transfer pump will operate any of the skimmer heads, making the MOSS system very cost effective
  • The system components are fully interchangeable, allowing for quick deployment of the most appropriate equipment
  • The MOSS system and its components have been used successfully around the globe with emergency response organisations, such as fire brigades, coastguards and port authorities.

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