Vikoma Fasflo25 and Fasflo75

The Fasflo skimmers are free floating, portable skimmers ideal for the recovery of oil in confined, fast flowing water such as streams, rivers, estuaries and industrial discharge channels. Due to their unique features, these skimmers provide a very efficient recovery system when compared to other weir skimmers in their class. The Fasflo can recover up to 70 tonnes an hour, whilst the Mini Fasflo can recover up to 30 tonnes an hour. Both skimmers are effective across a wide range of oils from refined products to viscous crudes. The skimmers can be used in multi role applications such as fast flowing rivers or streams, as a single ship sweep system, as a twin ship system (Fasflo) and with vessels of opportunity in a moored estuarial static mode. The Fasflo has been improved with a new boom arrary, a reinforced bow section and strengthened boom bridle which provides extra stability to the deflector booms.  the skimmer is preassembled ready to go complete with GRP or Aluminium floats. It is lightweight and the angle of Hydrofolis supporting the skimmer can be adjusted to suit the speed of water. It is an efficient skimmer which collects a high oil to water ratio when skimming.

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fasflo25skimmersystem3.63.pdf | fasflo75skimmingsystem3.25.pdf