Komara Sea Skimmer

The Komara™ Sea Skimmer is a self contained oil recovery system designed for recovering a wide range of oil types from light products to viscous, emulsified crude oils. The system consists of an oleophilic disc skimmer head with an onboard VikoPump and GP30-2 hydraulic powerpack plus the associated hoses and connectors. It will recover a wide range of pollutants in excess of 50m3/hr.

As a high capacity skimmer, the Sea Skimmer system is ideal for coastal and offshore environments.

Features and Benefits:

  • The Sea Skimmer system is constucted entirely from corrosion resistant alloys, making it suitable for the rigours of the offshore environment
  • The skimmer head has four seperately powered disc banks which create a 360 degree flow of pollutant towards the skimmer
  • The skimmer discs operate smoothly even at very slow speeds, giving more than 98% oil pick up, which effectively eliminates the need for costly separation or disposal of dirty water
  • The onboard positive displacement VikoPump enables high volumes of high viscocity contaminates to be recovered and discharged
  • The onboard VikoPump also has the ability to run dry
  • The pump rating is 60m3/hr and the system oil recovery rate is in excess of 50m3/hr
  • The diesel power pack is extremely efficient and, as standard, it incorporates important safety features to ensure that it is safe for operation in oil spill situations
  • The skimmer head has a central lifting point for ease of deployment and recovery.

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