Komara Midi 4

The KomaraTM Midi 4 is a self-contained, versatile, oil recovery system, comprising an oleophilic disc skimmer, powerful diesel powerpack, transfer pump and all the associated hoses and connectors. The system will operate in most environments and will recover a wide range of oils at 35m3/hr, with more than 98% oil pick-up.

The system can be used in ports and harbours, shoreline operations, coastal waters and almost any similar environment where oils are required to be removed from a water source.

Key features and benefits:

  • The four independently driven banks of discs create a 360 degree ‘flow’ of pollutant towards the skimmer head
  • The skimmer discs operate smoothly even at low speeds, giving more than 98% oil pick-up, which effectively eliminates the need for costly separation or disposal of dirty water
  • The disc scrapers are manufactured from a specially designed flexible polymer, which precisely follows the contour of the disc and ensures that even the lightest oils are recovered highly efficiently
  • The remote Vikopump V1128W is a powerful positive displacement transfer pump with excellent suction performance, enabling high volumes of high viscosity contaminants to be recovered and discharged. The pump will run dry without damage
  • The pump rating is 60m3/hr and the system oil recovery rate is 35m3/hr
  • The GP20-2E diesel powerpack is extremely efficient and incorporates important safety features to ensure that it is safe for operation in oil spill situations
  • All components have been built with durable, lightweight materials making it a very compact system
  • KomaraTM skimmers have been deployed in more situations around the world than any other skimmer and have proven to offer extremely high reliability with very low maintenance, giving the lowest life cycle cost in the industry.

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