Komara 30 Duplex Skimmer


The Komara 30 Duplex is highly versatile and can be used as either a disc skimmer or a brush skimmer. It is designed to pick up oil with very low free water pickup (typically less than 2%).


  • The crimped bristles are manufactured in polypropylene to ensure good chemical resistance, low water absorption & good oleophilic performance.
  • The unique action of the rotating brush creates a flow of oil towards the skimmer and will pick up the oils as a continuous sheet.
  • The brushes’ crimped bristles hold on to the thick oil and elevate it over the unique raised weir comb and into the skimmer sump.
  • The skimmer can be converted from discs to brushes or vice-versa in the field in less than 4 minutes without the need for special tools.
  • When the disc modules are fitted, the lighter oils will adhere to the surface of the discs as they rotate through the water, which is then removed by scrapers mounted on both sides of each disc.
  • Recovery rates of up to 30 tonnes per hour can be achieved dependent on various criteria including oil viscosity, temperature, slick thickness, sea state etc.
  • The system uses four independent banks of oleophilic discs (or interchangeable brushes) to draw oil into the skimmer.
  • The hydraulic design ensures high torque is available with excellent low speed performance.
  • The Komara™ Duplex 30 system consists of a skimmer, a diesel driven power pack, hydraulically driven positive displacement transfer pump and a site hose kit.
  • Contaminant is collected in a sump and drawn to the remote transfer pump.

Product Benefits:

• Highly versatile skimmer
• Excellent low speed performance
• Low water absorbtion

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