Foilex Micro Skimmer

The Foilex Micro Skimmer is a free-floating suction skimmer with a 3-pontoon floatation frame. It is a suction weir type skimmer which is operated in combination with any type of external vacuum pump with a 0 – 15 m³/h capacity.


  • Skimmer head
  • Suction hose
  • External Pump unit
  • Discharge hose

The Micro Skimmer is equipped with a Foilex self-adjusting “skimmer ring” which controls the skimming depth by the pump suction flow. The “skimmer ring” lip will always stay parallel to the oil/water surface. Suitable oil layer thickness is 0-30 mm.

Best performance for the Micro Skimmer is achieved in light to medium viscosity oils. The debris capability is dependent on the type of vacuum pump used, but the skimmer is equipped with a rinsing net at the inlet side.

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