E Series Mop Skimmer

Safe, efficient mop skimmer systems for surface oil contamination removal.


  • Capable of recovering up to 12 tonnes an hour of oil and floating chemicals
  • Can be permanently installed or can be trailer mounted for transportation in an emergency spill response situation
  • Optional mop widths are 4”, 6” or 9“
  • Can be mounted as a single or a double unit on specially made tanks, which in turn, may incorporate an exclusive oil/water separator available in various sizes
  •  The skimmer combines the use of the basic oil mop drive/oil extraction unit, varying lengths and sizes of mop, and a special design of open yoke floating pulley
  • Varying sizes of guide rollers are used mainly for permanent installations
  • The mop flow pattern is determined by the position of the pulleys
  • The system can deploy the mop vertically into bore holes, manholes, etc., without the use of pulleys, guide rollers or outrigger rollers, although in some cases the vertical deployment can be enhanced with the use of outrigger rollers.