Dragonfly Weir Skimmer

The Dragonfly Weir Skimmer is a stainless steel weir skimmer designed for use in industrial environments.

The Dragonfly is a floating weir skimmer. It is designed primarily for use in the recovery of a range of floating pollutants in closed tank applications because there are no moving parts. The Dragonfly can also be used in open environments but is not as efficient in this situation as the Vikoma T-DiscTM range. The unit is supplied with the skimmer head only but Vikoma can supply supporting arm strucures for use when there are significant variations in fluid levels within the tank. In these circumstances Vikoma offers design and build capabilities to produce complete systems to meet clients’ requirements.

Key Features:

  • The skimmer is manufactured in 316 stainless steel as standard but other materials are available (such as super duplex, inconnel and hastaloy)
  • The skimmer capacity is rated at 15m3/hr (continuous)
  • The depth of the circular weir submersion is controlled by a float unit situated in the oil collection trough
  • The four buoyancy chambers can be ballasted to match the specific gravity of the fluid within the tank making the skimmer more versatile than a fixed buoyance design
  • The skimmer is light weight and compact for ease of installation.

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