Delta Suction Skimmer

A robust, lightweight suction head skimmer which is ideal for use in shallow water or confined, inaccessible areas where the use of larger skimmers would be impractical.

The Delta skimmer system is a self-contained free floating oil recovery system, specifically designed for operation in shallow waters and inaccessible areas. The system comprises of a suction weir skimmer head coupled to a diesel driven VikoPump with associated hoses, couplings and floats. The system will recover up to 25m3/hr. The Delta skimmer head can operate in as little as 7cm (2.75 inches) of water. The lightweight construction makes it particularly valuable for beach clean-up, shoreline operations, around piers and jetties, as well as in lakes, ponds, ports, harbours, rivers and inland waters. The compact design also allows the system to operate in holding tanks and storm water pits. In fact, the Delta Skimmer system is suitable for use in any calm water requiring the rapid removal of heavy concentrates of oils or other floating contaminants.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Due to the Delta’s flat shape, lightweight aluminium construction and portability, the skimmer can be deployed into very inaccessible areas such as around piers and jetties
  • The system is simple and easily portable, so the Delta can be used by a single, unskilled operator
  • The Delta skimmer head has no moving parts and is therefore virtually maintenance free
  • The pump rating is 42m3/hr and the system oil recovery rates are up to 24m3/hr
  • The system includes a powerful positive displacement VikoPump, which will handle the full range of contaminants
  • The VikoPump has remarkable suction capabilites, can self prime and can also run dry for short periods. This flexibilty means that it can be used for other duties such as tanker loading, drainage duties or anywhere there is a requirement to transfer liquids
  • The Delta skimmer system has been used around the globe and has been proven to offer extremely high reliability with very low maintenance.

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