VikoSprint 16

Vikosprint 16 offers an exceptionally wide and stable working platform. The vessel hull form is a carefully optimised trimaran. Different load conditions have relatively little influence to speed. Fuel consumption is low allowing for smaller fuel tanks and better payload.

The basic model of the vessel is not constructed for navigation in ice field, however, we have tested the trimaran hull in arctic laboratory and know that when the hull is properly strengthened, the 16 m version can go in 20cm ice. The shape has been patented for navigation in ice conditions. The navigation ability in Nordic waters will be offered as an option.

The vessel has low wave making properties. The deckhouse is in the fore ship leaving a flush and wide working deck of ~ 60 m2.The bridge is designed for single person navigation. There can be a co-pilot sitting next to the helmsman. A small sofa with table is mounted behind the pilots seat. A kitchenette is arranged on the bridge. The propulsion is a marine diesel engine with conventional shafting and propeller arrangement. Controllable pitch propeller is offered as an option for constant low speed working and maximum hydraulic power output in different sea states and load conditions. CP-propeller helps moving the vessel accurately and allowing simultaneous use of the needed hydraulic equipment. The vessel can be outfitted for many different types of operations with optional equipment. For example, the vessel can be turned into an oil recovery version by equipping it with an integrated FinnSweep® brush skimmer.

Vessel Dimensions:

  • Length, moulded 16,0 m
  • Beam 8,2 m – Draft 1,5 m (with fixed-pitch propeller)
  • Working deck area 60 m²
  • Speed service 18 kn
  • Fuel Capacity 2500 litres
  • Range 300 nm
  • Deadweight Work 10 tons, FinnSweep 4,5 tons
  • Accommodation Crew 2-4, classified max capacity 8 persons.

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