Frame Tank

A robust, rapidly deployed frame-supported tank for the storage of liquids including hydrocarbons, water and liquid waste. Provides mobile rapid liquid storage facilities on virtually any terrain and is simple to assemble.

Uses: Recovered oil & chemical storage – Fire fighting water storage – Disaster relief water purification – Wildlife recovery – Equipment decontamination – Contaminated soil, garments & debris containment.

Features: Rapid assembly on most terrain – Easy to assemble (no tools required) – Heavy duty for in the field handling – Easily transported and stored – Robust long-life components – Large volume storage up to 25,000lt / 6,000 US Gal – Multiple use liquid storage – Optional dual skinned design – Provides storage for both temporary and long term operations – 1.2m high side makes easy access for pumps and hoses to be put into tank – Stable enough to set up on slopes up to 7 degrees such as beach shorelines.