Vikoma Shoreguardian Boom

A highly effective neoprene or polyurethane oil containment boom, ideal for use in shallow water or intertidal zones.

The Shoreguardian boom is a triple tube design. The two lower tubes are water filled while the upper tube is air inflated. It is designed for use at the water’s edge as a beach seal, which is effective throughout the tidal range, or to protect marshes and other low water level areas from approaching oil spills. The boom can also be used in shallow rivers to improve oil recovery operations by acting as a dam to increase water depth.

Materials: Shoreguardian is available in polyurethane alloy, pure polyurethane and neoprene. Each of these materials is available in varying thicknesses.

Key features and benefits:

  • The neoprene material option is increasingly the preferred choice due to its longevity, abrasion resistance, operational temperature range and low life cycle costs.
  • The standard interface between the metal connecting plates and the fabric is achieved without the use of bolts or rivets which results in a stronger boom.
  • The neoprene version is manufactured using the process of vulcanisation, the use of pressure and temperature to create an homogeneous bond. This is a process used exclusively by Vikoma and results in a superior product over those of cold gluing or plastic welding.
  • Due to the flexibility of the materials used, the air inflation pressure required is only 0.3psi. This, coupled with the neutral water ballast, results in a highly flexible boom.
  • The two water filled tubes are connected by a perforated membrane. This acts as a tension member and allows movement of the water between the two tubes. This prevents the boom from rolling when grounded and results in excellent sealing abilities.

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