Vikoma Cusp boom

The Cusp boom is a high capacity, versatile advancing sweep system. It is designed for oil recovery from a variety of environments including rivers (can also be used as a static system), coastal and offshore. The boom element of the system consists of eighty metres of conventional, heavy duty Bulkhead boom and a four tube cusp section.

The four tube section includes the air, water ballast, bouyancy and recovered oil discharge tubes.The system can be deployed in a number of configurations including: cusp only vessel sides-weep system, cusp and boom vessel side-sweep system and fixed shoreline system. The free end of the boom can be attached to another vessel, a vessel side arm or a boom vane. Additional boom can be added to increase the area of influence in all scenarios. Oil is collected into the cusp and recovered by two composite/custom weir skimmers, which are built-in. The cusp also houses two high capacity positive displacement vane pumps and discharge hoses to transport the recovered oil to the discharge pump, mounted on the reel for storage or transfer.

Key features and benefits: A high capacity (120m3/hr), integral, advancing recovery system – The system can sweep up to a width of 12 metres. Additional Bulkhead boom can be added to increase the width to 60 metres – The boom is manufactured from double thickness neoprene, which has excellent wave following characteristics and abrasion resistance – The system consists of a power pack, a discharge pump (mounted on reel frame), an inflation fan, the hose assembly and a reel which houses the complete cusp and boom assemblies.